Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Pastel Heart Nail Tutorial

In honor of my boredom, and the grey, windy skies that are overcasting my city lately I decided to paint my nails (actually just one because I hate when all my nails are painted and chipped)

So I came up with this super cute and super happy color combo/design! Tiny hearts and polka dots? It doesn't get much cuter than that :)

Using the three colors in the picture posted below, I used the white as the base color and then painted a stripe of the pink down the middle. Next I Painted a mint green stripe down each side of the pink. Polka dotted each side of white with mint green dots then painted three hearts in the same color down the middle of the pink stripe and dotted in between each heart. Finally a clear top coat to finnish it all off!

I think that I should really start taking pictures or at least filming the nail painting process as I go. Just reading how to do it is really boring and can get confusing. This one is simple enough that people can understand it simply by reading it but in the future my nail tutorials may get a bit more complicated... well I hope so anyways. 

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