Monday, May 7, 2012

DIY Katy Perry Inspired Candy Land Dress Tutorial

 This past Halloween I made this Katy Perry Inspired Candy Land Dress. Not only did I make the dress entirely by myself (most of it was hand made) BUT I also mad a tutorial so you guys at home could have one of your own!

Because It is already very cold by Halloween where I live, I wore it with a long sleeved shirt and tights underneath. I added lots of colorful jewelery including bangles and a bubblegum looking necklace as well as a headband and this crazy pink wig. For shoes I chose these yellow wedges (from my sisters closet!)

 This is the tutorial on how to make the dress, I hope it is clear and that you guys can follow along at home!

As you can see it is very colorful and there is SO many parts to it! It really was a lot of fun to make!

Unfortunately I never wore it to any Halloween function, the only time I actually wore it was for these pictures shown on this blog. But nonetheless, I still think it is a great Halloween costume!


Yes, I realize Halloween is still a long ways away, but I found these pictures on my computer's hard drive and couldn't resist putting them up! 

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