Saturday, May 5, 2012

Haul: On The Cheep Side Of Accessories

So let's talk about buying cheep accessories.  First of all there are two different kinds of cheep accessories; 
The kind that are regularly high priced and just happen to be on crazy super sale
And the kind that are mass produced out of terrible quality materials and sold for what they are actually worth (which is nothing but cheep cheep cheep).
I usually opt for the first kind of cheep.

So lets start off with these shoes. Strappy leather open toed sandals with a high back and... feathers. How awful are the feathers?! So bad right?! BUT! I have BBBBIIIIGGG DIY plans for them :) I got them for $10.00 on crazy super sale and I am so glad I got them. 

Front View

Back View

Next is this leather messenger type back pack. It is made out of THE softest leather and It is quite roomy. I don't plan on changing anything about it, but you never know, when you have an idea, you have an idea! I got this for $10.00 (again on crazy super sale) and I can't wait to take it out on the town and fill it up with all my treasures! 

Next on the list is this sparrow "bib" kind of necklace (by the way, I hate the term "bib necklace") BUT! I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it. It came in silver and gold. I chose silver because it looked a lot cleaner and more sophisticated. It cost me $3.00 (again, on the best best best super sale, I had to dig to find it but once I did there was no going back!)

Lastly is this silver necklace ( I refuse to call it a "bib") I like it because it has a kind of medieval garden look to it. It looks like something gwen from King Arthur would wear. I like how it is really metal-y and hard core yet really very feminine. I got it for $3.00 (seriously I did some good shopping!) 

This concludes my for the cheeps accessories haul. 
I hope I can incorporate them into my everyday wear, I am trying to dress more stylishly and less simplistically. 

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  1. i love these n want to make them specially the sparrow one