Friday, October 12, 2012

Dear Elizabeth,

Oh Big "E", Where do I even begin?

I'm going to hell

Well, that seems like a good start, Sometimes you are in a situation where you have no control over anything that happens. And other times you are in a situation and are in full control over everything and you just let things happen. That last one is never a good idea. 

Elizabeth Stuart hall, you sure do got my back, you old bag of bones you :)

Monday, October 8, 2012

Sometimes This school Is my favorite

This post has almost no substance. 


Here is a photo of a guy sleeping on a rock. 

Enjoy :)

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Its Just Me And You Now Elizabeth....

Whats better than sitting on this bench for one morning? Sitting on this bench for 2 mornings! Whats better than that?



Welp, I guess it is just me and "Big E", we are currently on nickname status. 

I have been thinking about a lot lately and I have come to the conclusion that 
1. life would be simpler if I was an indian. 
2. I could live my life on a pirate ship and be happy if my friends were my deck crew.
 3. I think I want to join the peace corps and do some real good in the world.
4. I wish I only had to work like half an hour but get paid for working a lot more than that!
5. life is moving really really fast.
6. The world needs to take a  step back, and look at the big picture, just a few min. would do some real good.

Look at her looking over my shoulder, like she knows this is a photo opp. She is one of those stylish old people, Its what ev's and you cant change that. 

I feel a bit bad that I haven't posted any tutorials lately (and it is halloween season, which is tutorial season for all bloggers like me!!! I LOVE Halloween)

BUT! I did sew a black leather pencil skirt the other day, so there is going to be some tutorials coming soon! 

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

School School School

So as I have mentioned before, I have to drive about half an hour to school everyday. Today I had to stop and get gas, and that took mea bout 5 min. to do. Well as it just so turns out five min. is all it takes to not get my favorite hallway bench.... It is an injustice and must be stopped! Until I actually decided to do something about it I am stuck on this bench with good old "Elizabeth Stuart" Peering over my shoulder with her old lady glasses...

The upside of course is that just across the hall is a Meredith from The Office look-a-like who listens to her show tunes really loudly. It's what ev's, you cant make this stuff up. 
For those of you who are interested, The sound track just changed from show tunes, to.... mexican cowboy music. This is going to be a good day.

It's like a look and find

But she is clearly Meredith. 

Another change, this time its middle eastern sitar music. 

Don't fix what ain't broken