Thursday, May 10, 2012

How I Organize Daily Outfits

I am a very visual person, and I like to see things laid out and organized. I had an Idea of how to organize daily outfits, So I went out and bought some 3M wall hooks and set to work!

First of all you have to select a wall, this one (in my room) just happens to be absolutely covered in glow in the dark star stickers. Which is basically every child's dream. 

Next grab your hooks, I have the 3M kind as well as 1 cheep dollar store kind (which is not nearly as good as the 3M) 

I used colored tape to mark where I wanted the hooks to go 

Next is actually putting the hooks on! If using the 3M kind, peel off the red side and stick the tape to the hook

It will look like this, with the black side facing away from the hook

Peel the black paper off and stick the hook on your wall. Hold (with pressure) for 10 seconds

Pull the hook part off and you will end up with this. Then push it onto the wall for 30 more seconds to get the maximum hold. 

This is what the hooks look like on my wall! Wait at least an hour until you start to hang them on the wall.

So here is the finished wall. I added a hook in the middle of each set of three so I could hang a purse as well.

Outfit 1 (on the left)
Top: TJ Max $6.00
Jacket: TJ Max $12.00
Pants: Shopko $12.00

Bag: TJ Max: $25.00

Outfit 2 (on the right)
Top: Shopko $4.00
Blazer: DI $4.00
Pants: JC Penny $17.00

I am quite pleased with the way everything turned out 

Outfit 3 (on the left)
Top: Hollister $24.00
Cardigain: Nordstroms $32.00
Pants: DIY-ed By Me

Bag: Rue 21 $10.00

Outfit 4 (on the right)
Top: Abercrombie & Fitch $8.00
Cardigain: Hollister $24.00
Shorts: Walmart $10.00

I hope this is useful to somebody out there and I hope I am not the first person to think of putting hooks on a wall to organize clothing and daily outfits! I you have any questions, I will gladly answer them in the comments below :)

Outfit 5 (on the left)
Top: TJ Max $8.00
Cardigan: Shopko $6.00
Shorts: Walmart $10.00


Outfit 6 (on the right)
Top: Vanity $12.00
Cardigan: Wet Seal $8.00
Pants: DIY-ed by Me

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