Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Disney Inspired Quiet Book

A while back I was really into these quiet book. I had never owned one as a child but probably would have liked one. SO! I decided to try my hand at making one and this is what I came up with!

This is the cover, I am going to give it to my little friend Averee!
It has a button to close the whole book and this super cute peace sign print!

The first page is Rapunzel and Snow White

She is leaning out her tower, long hair flowing out the window. The object of the page is so her hair can be braided and then you can put clips in it, which are clipped on a ribbon on the left side of the page. 

Snow White:
It is really simple, an apple tree with removable apples and a basket to put them in. The purpose? Welp, I am not quite sure, but Averee is going to love it :) 

On the inside is the felt doll portion. it features a castle scene on the left and a pocket on the right. The pocket is filled with all sorts of dress-up dolls.

There are 20 dresses in the collection. The majority are disney dresses with a few of my own creations.

from left to right:
Top Row: Cinderella work outfit, ugly step sister #1, blue and yellow dress (my own creation), purple dress, tangled dress,  sleeping beauty dress
Middle Row: Mulan dress, Tiana dress, Meg dress (from Hercules), Snow White, Arial Wedding Dress, Tinker Bell, 
Bottom Row: Ugly Step Sister #2, Ariel Pink Dress (least favorite, but first dress I did), Cinderella Ball Gown, Bell Ball Gown, the last two and the one above them are my own creation, just three simple cocktail dresses

Next is 6 mermaid tails and sea shell tops including Jasmine's pants and off the shoulder top. 

Then there are a few accessories, 

3 hair things: Bow, Flower, and Crown

3 purses

and one parasol 

Finally we  have the princesse, yes they look a little weird (like they don't really have legs) but that is so they can all have mermaid tails. And yes they all look very weird because they are naked.

From left to right:
Top Row: Belle, Tiana, Jasmine, Ariel, Cinderella (who can double as Tinker Bell on occasion)

Bottom Row: Snow White, Rapunzel, Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) Mulan, and Pocahontas

Here they all are in their own outfits! How Cute!

The last page is a matching game on the left (crowns, flowers, stars, circles, hearts, and triangles). The orange behind the cards is 3 long pockets to hold the cards in place when they are not in use. 

On the right is an abacus starting at 1 and ending at 8. 

The back of the book! For some reason I couldn't get the picture to turn the right way, so the book is side ways. I love the way it turned out! Let me know what you think!


  1. Hi,

    I saw your quiet book on pinterest..it's amazing! I LOVE the princess dresses! Do you have a pattern?


    1. Thank you so much I am really glad you like it :) There is no pattern, I just cut them out free hand, But if you plan to make on, I can maybe answer you questions!!

  2. This is ADORABLE. I also found it on pinterest. :) I've been looking at a lot of different quiet books ideas, but this is the first time I see such an idea! Disney princesses dress up. :)
    I would love to make something similar in future. Did you use wool felt to make the book? Also, around what age is this book intended for?

    Thank you.