Monday, May 21, 2012

Colored Pants Craze!: DIY Pastel Mint Green Skinny Jeans

So once upon a time (like a week ago) I decided it was time to get some mint green pants. I looked online and could not find a decent pair under $50.00. So I decided to be brave and dye my own jeans. I went to my local thrift store and found some white pants which fit in the waist and that was all I needed! (I cant believe I didn't take pictures of the pants before I started! I just got so excited!) But I used the same technique as when I DIY-ed my first pair of pants (here is the link

And then I started!

I used:
1 five gallon bucket
Rit Fabric Dye
Hot Water
Something To Stir With

Fill the bucket up with 3 gallons of hot water. I poured about half a bottle of the "Teal Liquid Dye" by rit. Then about 1/4 a bottle of the "Kelly Green Liquid Dye" by rit. And let me tell you, It was to much dye for how light I wanted the pants to be. 

Be sure to continually stir the pants in the dye bath so that you can get a clean, solid dye job. 

This was the first dye job. It is pretty, but to dark and too green

This is what they looked like after I washed them. 

So then I just bleached them in a bucket of 2 gallons of hot water and a gallon of bleach for about 10 min. And I thought It would make it lighter green, but they turned yellow. I already own yellow jeans so I decided to dye them again. 

This time I put it in just the "Teal Liquid Dye" and They came out like this. Great color, but still too dark.

So then I ran them in the washing machine on warm with a half a cup of bleach and they lighted up a few shades but I still wanted lighter pants.

So lastly I ran it again in the washing machine with another half a cup of bleach and it lighted up to the perfect shade. I am very pleased with the out come. But it took a LOONG time to get here. If I had just used less dye in the first place I would have gotten the color right a lot sooner.

I am thinking about posting a few outfits that these pants can be part of, I might upload some soon, but who knows! 

Next pants tutorial I wil be dying white skinny jeans a light turquoise color so stay tuned! 

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  1. It turned out great! I love your blog, I hope you check out mine too :)