Thursday, September 27, 2012

Why Do I Think Things Like This Are Acceptable?

So today, much like yesterday and the day before that, I have classes to go to. My first one starts at 9:00. So as I was getting ready this morning I thought to myself,"self, you know what you should wear today? skinny jeans and your american eagle Hoodie, the white one with the yellow letters on it". So I got in the shower, did my hair and makeup and got dressed. Then I realized that the hoodie I was wearing, is short. Yes, but I must have figured that it was ok, Why not dress like a hobo two days in a row? I am starting a streak. 

Also, as I was taking this awfully lit picture I had to use the clock timer on my camera so I would set the camera up, click the shutter button run to my spot in by the plant and pose, while a bunch of crazy music majors walked by.  So guess who is the weird one now. (me, it's me)

And the small hoodie is not even the best part, on no, go ahead and scroll down a bit. 

If you read yesterdays post, then you should have seen this coming. What is it? Ya, shoes with over the ankle socks. WHY DO I KEEP DRESSING LIKE THIS!?!?! It is like when a child dresses herself and goes to show her mom what a good job she has done but then the mother sends her back and then picks clothes out for her, because we live in a society where it is unacceptable to wear a princess dress on a regular basis (which by the way is crap). Only for me, there is no mom telling me "oh Honey, you look like a hobo today, you should go change."

Why it can't just be summer all year round so that I can wear my pre determined summer outfits is beyond me. 

On a different, more artsy note, Check out this picture I drew of myself!? Sometimes I love college because I can do stuff like this and get a grade for it. 

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