Monday, September 10, 2012

DIY Melted Crayon Art

So, Who hasn't tried doing this "Melted crayon art" yet? Seriously though, it is all over pinterest! (I love pinterest)
Even though there are plenty of tutorials about the crayon art, I thought I would give it a shot!
What I used:
Poster Board
48 pack of Crayola Crayons
A Tupperware lid (a bowl is pictured because It was to big so I switched to a smaller lid)
Hot Glue Gun
Black and White Acrylic Paint
Small Paint Brush
X-acto knife
Print out Ducks

First I pulled the colors out of the box that I wanted to use, and Lined them up according to the colors of the rainbow

Next I switched my below (pictured above) for a smaller Tupperware lid, and Lined the crayons around it in the corresponding colors

Then I glued them down onto the poster board with hot glue and removed the lid
I glued each crayon the "Crayola" logo side up

Next I printed out these duck pictures and cut them out with an X-acto knife, Used a ruler to space them each in about 2 inches and traced around them

I cut out the mamma duck (far right) and the one directly behind her

Next I mixed my paint, I wanted the ducks to be in grey scale starting from white and progressively getting black
To do this I started with white and added tinny bits of black to the paint to get an array of grey colors

Then I painted the ducks in greyscale 

Finally I used a blow dryer to melt the crayons into this crazy design
Seriously take your time on this part, watch your crayons and tilt the poster board in the direction you want the wax to melt and drop down the page

I think it is cute, and I think it will get me an "A" (because I am going to turn it in for college credit! HA! Multi tasking! 

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