Friday, September 7, 2012

A Night At The Cowboy

For those who don't know (which I can safely assume is almost nobody, because people don't read my blog, that's why I can post crap like this) "The Cowboy" Is a country dancing place in my city. It is run by a couple of kids who are also my kind of friends (you know, those people who you know and are nice to but never hang out with). I had never been before and it was supposed to be super a lot, tons of fun. So my two friends and I got dressed in our semi country outfits and hit the town (of course first making a quick stop at the nearest village inn for free pie day). After super delicious free pie, we finally get to the dance. 

And it is full of super weird people.

As a side note, I am not a good country dancer, I have never been great at them for one reason, size. I am a 6 foot tall 170 pound giant of a girl. (also I never get asked to dance but that is another story). Line dances also fall into this "Country Dance" category. Line dancing is a lot like Zumba or Aerobics, only I feel a million times more stupid doing line dances because it is the same steps over and over and over, but I can never seem to catch on. Zumba on the other hand has a lot of variations and is high energy so as long as you are trying to keep up and burring calories you are ok to proceed in an un-orderly fashion. 

Back to why I suck at country dancing. 

I am a big person in general, graceful, but big. So when you go to a place like "The Cowboy" all the boys only want to dance with the super petite girls (no I am not hating on small girls, with out petite girls there would be nobody to buy the XS sizes on clearance, thus hurting the economy). The boys that regularly attend the country dance get rather good the steps and making up their own. 

Anyways, long story short, I had to dance with the big sweaty kid who kept trying to throw me in the air (yes, me the 6 foot tall 170 pound person). I did not know what to even think about the whole thing. First the kid was literally drenched in sweat, which in turn made him smell really really awful. Secondly   HE KEPT TRYING TO THROW ME UP IN THE AIR!!!
That is until I accidentally kicked him in the jaw....

Welp that is pretty much where this story ends.

Please enjoy this grainy photo we took before the night went so badly.

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