Sunday, September 16, 2012

Costal Scents Haul: 88 Color Pallet

So this is what came in the mail! I got it on a Labor day sale.   
I ordered the classic original 88 color pallet as well as 3 brushes. They sent me a free sample of eye shadow in some weird green color, but hey it was free and it looks promising. 

So here is what the outside of the pallet looks like, very chic and classy right?

And here is the inside! Now I know the pallet looks HUGE! but the actual pots of color are actually just 1 cm by 1 cm. They are relatively small but there are so many colors that I don't mind how small they are. LOOK AT ALL THE COLORS!

This is the first brush, it has a fluffy "dome" shaped top perfect for blending 

This is the second second brush, it is just a basic brush that is slightly pointed at the tip

Finally the third and last brush that I bought, it has a rounded top and is the biggest brush in my eyeshadow set

I am so excited to get to use my new brushes and all those great colors of eyeshadow. I will be sure to continue to post about this pallet! 

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