Wednesday, September 26, 2012

It's Only Sometimes OK To Dress Like A Hobo To College

The past 24 hours has been kind of weird.
First of all I got a new job about a week ago, I now am a kiosk person. So I was closing the kiosk last night and I was just about done, all I had to do was take the garbage out. Unfortunately I forgot where the big mall garbage was so I just took all the garbage home with me. In my truck. Ya, this really happened. 

Then this morning I was on my way to school (after I threw out the garbage from last night, thank goodness). And what do you know, there is no place to park in the entire university parking lot, all 20 something of them. So I parked a mile away in the Jakes Over The Top parking lot. Fortunately this is where the cool trucks park. My majestic silver toyota included. 

Just to prove my point, here is the parking lot, It might look like there is space to the right of the red car, but I assure you, it is entirely packed. 

Then as I was walking the mini marathon to class, I realized that I was dressed like a freaking hobo! And then I see these college girls. WHY CAN'T I BE A CUTE COLLEGE GIRL LIKE THEM?!?! (directly after I took this photo, I realized what a creep I was being, you know, taking secret pictures of school girls. Yikes.)

It is only sometimes ok to dress like a hobo to college.
But only sometimes. Today being one of those times.

Let's review:
Pants: $5 (from rue 21 of all places)
Shirt: $4 (from the DI)
Shoes: $2.50 (fake Toms, of course)
Hat: from years ago, and it needs to be washed, eww)
Jacket: Found in the back of my truck, it was cold this morning

Also, a note on my hair, can you say Wayne Campbell? 

And what is this? Fake Toms with socks?!?! Who am I these days?

But it gets better, They are Ariel socks. As in the little mermaid. Thats right. 

I can't think of anything else to say. 

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