Friday, September 21, 2012

DIY: Churn dash block pillow case

So For school, one of our projects is to participate in the 1 million pillow case challenge. I dose to do the churn dash block one and It turned out so well.

The official pattern instructions can be found here

First cut out all your pieces 

First sew the blue lines: triangles into small squares
Second sew the green lines to form 3 strips
Third sew each strip to form a square

Iron all the seams open as you go

You will end up with 8 squares like this one

Take the quilted band and the solid band and place one inside each other right sides together
Then sew them together on one end 

Next fold your pillow case in half and sew all but one end
In the picture it looks small but it is regular pillow case size in reality

Then put the pillow case inside the band we sewed earlier and sew them together

Next top stitch along the pillow case (the brown part) and iron the whole thing

The finished pillow case! 
Some little kid is going to get this and going to be so happy that they have something beautiful that they can call their own.

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