Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Thoughts on life 1.

You know what? Here I am sitting in an unused corner of my schools campus theater arts building (no I am not a theater student, I just am taking a theater class to fulfill generals) and I decide that out of nowhere I need to start actually blogging about my life so I opened up a new page on blogger and here we are. I realize that not many people will read this, but one day I hope to look back on this blog and be utterly proud of all that I have done and accomplished and not only will I be able to read about stuff I have done in the past but I will have pictures and tutorials and movies about my life. I am not very old, and I don't plan on ever getting "old" but If I ever do, I think I will be super grateful that I have kept a record, and not just a journal, but a real life real time record of how I spend my life.

I am currently on my second year of college and I graduate this semester with my associates degree of general studies, I completed it in a year and one semester, which I think is super good :) I have a stage costuming class today (which I am super terrified for) but we will see how it goes!

Also I am really busy these days! And I kind of like it! I love going to school and learning, also seeing my friends! This is the first semester that I have actually had lots of friends at school the same time I am there, So seeing them in passing is really cool to me!

Wow, this post is kind of scatterbrained, because now I am going to end it on this note!

New posts coming soon! lots of new ideas and stuff :) And stuff, haha

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