Tuesday, June 5, 2012

DIY Shoe Clip: Chunky Bow

So Shoe clips are great because they can turn any shoe into a completely different pair of shoes! I thought that I would do a few shoe clip tutorials and this is one that is easy and goes well with any shoe so lets get started

3 lengths of thick ribbon: 3 inch, 5 1/2 inch, 6 1/2 inch
Shoe clip
Small rectangle of felt
Hot Glue

First off hot glue the two longest pieces of ribbon into circles

Next fold them in half and glue the inside half marks together

Glue the small loop on top of the big loope

Take the 3 inch section of ribbon and glue it to the back of the two layered loops

wrap the 3 inch piece once around the two loops and glue it in place

This is what your bow should look like

Next glue the small rectangle of felt to the shoe clip

Finally glue the shoe clip and the felt to the bow

Now you can clip them on any shoe! 

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