Thursday, June 28, 2012

DIY LMFAO Party Rock Pants

Lets turn these regular white skinnies! 

and transform them into these party rocking shorts!

First measure how long you want them to be cut, Then go ahead and chop them off!
I like to cut them a little bit shorter in the front than in the back because I have kind of a big bum, and this compensates for my bum.

I decided to make them into 5 inch shorts

Using Rit purple fabric dye we are going to color them 

Fill a bucket up with 3 gallons of hot water 

then mix one teaspoon of dye in one cup of hot water

Then mix the dye water in with the regular water and stir it up

This is done so that the dye is as even as posible

Put your pants in the mix and stir them constantly, make sure to check the pants frequently to that you get the right shade.

I only had my pants in for like a minute 

When they are the right color it is time to rinse them out I like to start with warm water and work my way over to colder water when I rinse the fabric out.

Then Toss them into the washing machine and dry them 

While they are in the washer, print out a leopard print and cut the black out with and x-acto knife

Once you have cut out all the black spots use a fabric paint marker to trace the pattern onto some pants then fill in all the spots! 

That is pretty much it!

Here is the same tutorial just in video form:

Let me know what you guys think!

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  1. hey the leopard print where did you find it cause when i try to find one i only find prints i cant use