Friday, June 15, 2012

DIY Sharpie Designs T-Shirt

A little while back I found this cut off sweatshirt and I thought, why not do something awesome with it? So I grabbed a few things and this Is what I ended up doing.

Step 1:

Lay shirt flat and put a piece of cardboard (I used a manilla folder) Inside the shirt, so that the sharpie doesn't bleed through 

Step 2:

Using duct tape or masking tape, tape off the section of the shirt you want to draw on. I decided on this chevron like shape, mostly because I thought it was super cool.
I did this on the back of the shirt

Step 3:

Blue Arrow: Use a ruler to draw straight lines across the taped off section

Step 4:

Green Arrow: Fill in the lines with cool designs, I went for more of a tribal feel, with lots of triangles, zigzags and straight lines

Step 5:

Take the tape off to reveal a polished super cool design!

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