Thursday, March 8, 2012

after a whole month of working out!

Now I realize this was taken almost a month ago,but I finally got around to editing the silhouette of the second photo and decided to put it up and talk about my fitness journey! 

So basically I have only missed 3 days of working out for the past month! Every day I run/jog at least a mile, and I try to do Kim Kardashians fit in your jeans by friday work out, and every day I do about 5 minuets of abs/core. Some days I go on a walk with my mom and we do about 2 miles of interval training when we fast walk in-between every other mailbox. I am super cheep I know, but it's really working for me and I always feel great after working out!

Alright, I am not afraid to talk about how much I weigh, because it is no secret, and I am not ashamed of it. I am 6 feet tall and I used to weigh 183 pounds! That was at the beginning of the year. I was not fat, and I didn't consider myself chunky either. At the beginning of the year I was a size 12, but my pants were a bit tight. Now I am 178 pounds and I fit into a size 10! I have lost about 2 inches on my waist and 2 inches around my bum. and about an inch and a half around each leg.

I am continuing to work out and I will be sure to make more posts about my fitness journey! I want to get to 170 pounds some time. I am not going to set a date that I want to make that weight by, I just mostly want to get healthy and have more energy!

Also, That picture is really of me, I used sketchbook pro, and my Wacomb Bamboo Tablet to color in my silhouette.

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