Thursday, March 29, 2012

Earring Score On Ebay?

So recently, like 20 minuets ago, I was on ebay furiously bidding on these small skrew-like earrings. Ok, I was the only one bidding on them, but hey! I got them for the low low price of $1.00! Shipping and handling was $2.99, but if figured that it was worth it. I have been looking for a pair of earrings like this for a long time now. Ones that look like they are going through your ear. Now i realize they are not entirely in style, but I have wanted earrings like this for literally 5 plus years!

Another reason why I liked these so much was because G-Dragon (from the Korean Group "BIGBANG" wears a pair just like them in one of his music videos) and seeing that I am a MAJOR BIGBANG fan, I decided to get this pair of earrings to commemorate my indefinite love for their music!

Now, I bought them from a seller in China.... so I don't know if they will ever get to me, or if they will even look like the picture. Buying things form China is never the best idea, especially when you are buying them directly from China. But I thought "Hey why not!?!" so I payed the 4 dollars and am now hoping for the best! 

I will be sure to update on if they came or not, the condition, and if I even like them! Also, I hope they even fit in my ears, my ears are not gauged, they are just a standard piercing, so who knows if these bad boys will even fit!

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