Friday, March 23, 2012

DIY A Plain Old Bag Into A Cute, Chic Gift Bag!

3 Pieces of ribbon
2 inches
8 inches
10 inches

Glue the ends to each other, to form circles, out of the 8 and 10 inch ribbon

Glue the middles together to form 2 figure 8's

Glue the two bowes, the 8 inch on top of the 10 inch

Wrap the 2 inch piece of ribbon around the center of the bow

Measure around your bag and then add about 4 inches, just in case

Fold your bag down

Decide where you want your ribbon to go

Mark it with a pencil

Measure from the bottom of the bag to the mark you just made, and measure up the entire bag, so you have a guideline for the next step

Use Elmer's glue to pipe a line on the pencil marks

For extra suport, I used a square tupperware container to add structure to those hard to get to spots on your bag

This is what your bag will look like

glue the bow on the middle of the bow, I glued it to the part of the ribbon that overlapped 

This is the finished product! It looked really nice, and my cousin (whom the gift was for) really liked it, unfortunately the bow was not glued down securely enough and it fell off!! But other than that, it worked really well!

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