Sunday, March 18, 2012

Clair's 10 for $10 Haul

I was walking through the mall and I stopped by Clair's, and man was that a good decision! In the back on the clearance rack was a sign that read "10 for $10"!! So what did I do? I spent $10, that's what I did!! 

Bow Earrings
Very cute while still being stylish.
When I saw these, I knew that I must buy them. There was no way I could pass them up, and here's why: My favorite K-Drama of all time is called "Your beautiful" about 3/4 of the way through the drama, Tae Kung (One of the male leads, and the leader of the singing group)gives Go Mi Nam (who is really Go Mi Nyo, but is pretending to be her brother so that he doesn't loose his spot in the band- the same band that Tae Kung is in) a bow hair pin that looks just like these earrings! And that part of the show is so cute because Tae Kung is completely taken by Mi Nam! So there is my rant about cute K-Dramas. 

Symbol earrings
I dont know what language this is in, my guess is chinese but correct me if I am wrong, but it means "Dream" which describes me perfectly! They are small and dainty and I think that is what I really like about them

Mermaid Ring
I am calling this my "Mermaid Ring" because it is big and shiney. The designs carved in it are very beautiful, this ring is defiantly something I can see a mermaid coveting, or finding in a treasure chest and wearing forever. 

This ring I bought most likely because it was big, and only one dollar. I think my sister would like it better than I do. She is into really big gaudy things and this suits her well. 

this necklace was simple and kind of cheep, but I liked it because Saturn is my favorite planet and I think it would be super funny to wear to my astronomy class! 

Cheep Metal Gold
I love this necklace! I really like short necklaces that are chic and sophisticated and this is both! Even though it is just cheep metal, to me it is pure gold! I may never take it off! 

Chains and ties
Again just one I got because it was just a dollar. They are silver, and matched everything in my closet so I plan on wearing them when I can't think of anything else to wear.

Audrey Hepburn in plastic
These simple tear drop earrings are accentuated with small gold butterflies, I can see the beautiful Audrey wearing these with a simple black dress and looking fabulous. Yes, I am going to try my best to look as good as she would be. 

Color blocking Native American Dangly Earrings
I am not the best color blocker in the world, but maybe these cute yet bold earrings will inspire me to do more of this unique fashion technique. 

Ombre Tassels
I have been looking for a bold set of tassel earrings for some time now and when I saw these were only a dollar I how could I resist? They are very long but very light and I am so looking forward to summer when I can rock them to their full potential! 

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