Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wish List

So let's talk about things I want. So I have decided that I will pick 2 things and buy them for myself if I meet my fitness goals for the month of March!

So let's start with #1. It is the original 88 color pallet form Costal Scents. It is $18.95 and has great reviews. I have been thinking that I wanted to get more into makeup, and what better way to start than having 88 colors to choose from?

#2 is something I have wanted for a long long time. $41.99, not bad for a pair of shoes that I plan on wearing for the rest of my life! They are giraffe print Sanucks and If I get them, then I will buy from I want them because they would be perfect for walking around campus and the crazy print would go with practically everything. 

#3 is a Mickey Mouse waffle iron. Now I am not one to brag, but I have darn near the best waffle recipe on the face of the planet, and Mickey shaped waffles would be so much cooler. It is $35.50 and I think that is an ok price to pay for epic waffles. 

#4 I think that no matter what happens I will end up buying these, possibly even in a few days. They are cheep in price but surprisingly good quality. 

Now obviously there is no way I can get #5, but let's face it, the segway is the coolest thing on the list! $7199.00 Is far to much to pay for just exercising for a month. But can you just imagine me zipping across campus on my new sweet ride?

#6 Bellezza Bza4in1 Curling Iron Set. This is a curling iron with INTERCHANGEABLE barrels! Why is this not already a curling iron staple? The set of 4 barrels and one handle all for only $63.99! That is pretty much 4 curling irons all in different colors for only 60 bucks!

The last one is #7. Now I know this may look like a joke, but I have always wanted a small yellow chair to sit in. Yup, thats it, to just sit in :) it is only $10.00 and I think it is totally worth it!

So, I guess we will see what happens at the end of the month of march!

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