Saturday, February 4, 2012

So today I went over to my cousins house to watch their kids, and what better way to keep kids busy then  baking cupcakes! We made basic chocolate cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. It took about three times as long as it should have because kids ALWAYS have to help :) But once we made the batter and got them in the oven we made lunch - Mac and Cheese-  we had to wait for them to cool so we watched a little Disney Channel. The kids chose purple and green frosting so after a quick lesson on colors we mixed up a batch and I started frosting the cupcakes while Sis and Trev did the sprinkels. These kids went nuts with the sprinkles and there where probably more sprinkles on the cupcakes than there was actual cake! Well, needless to say, they were super delicious and the kids flipped for them! When mom and dad came home they were so surprised and the kids made them try a cupcake right away! What a good day! The cream cheese frosting recipe is posted below! 

Cream Cheese Frosting:
8 oz. Philadelphia Cream Cheese
1/4-1/2 C. Butter - depending on how much butter you like
2tsp. Vanilla
2-6 C. Of Confectioner Sugar (Powdered Sugar) - Depending on how much frosting you need and how Cream Cheesy you like it I usually go with 3 C. 

How to:
Mix room temp. Cream Cheese and room temp. butter together until smooth. Add vanilla then slowly mix in the powdered sugar. SLOWLY! Cream together until the frosting is completely blended together. Use it for cupcakes or homemade Oreos or even cinnamon roll glaze!

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