Friday, August 10, 2012

DIY AMerican Flag Pants

So this tutorial has been done for about a month now, But i just haven't put it on the blog! Oh man am I lazy sometimes!

In honor of this great country (America!) as well as the Olympics, Not to mention there is already a million of these tutorials on the internet, I decided to do my own tutorial! So here goes!

Start with a pair of pants, These are rue 21 jeans (super cheep i know) 

Cut them down to be shorts
Seriously you should try them on before you cut, so that you can get them the right length  

Using duck tape I taped up the pants to look like an american flag
Yup, I really did cut out every single one of those small duct tape starts.... never again...

Also I taped off the parts of the pants that I didn't want to get paint on, Like the top and inside the pockets

Using fabric spray paint (Michael's for like 3 bucks each)

Blue on one side, red on the other, be sure to cover the blue when you spray the red and vise versa

Wait 48 hours to pull the tape off and then another 24 hours to wash them

These are the finished pants, in the picture you cant really see how cool the stars are, but I assure you, they are america!


and that is all there is to it! The summer is winding down and fall is almost here so I am going to rock these as long as I can!!

Here is the video for this tutorial! 

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