Friday, August 17, 2012

Top 12 Most Attractive Non Freshman BYU Football Players

And now for some out of context blogging just for the heck of it

Gonna be honest, this is not my typical type of blog, but I decided to post it anyways, so let the silly girly-ness ensue! 

Football season is Right around the corner and let's face it, there is not a lot out there that is better than good looking football players. On todays list we have the top 12 most attractive non freshman BYU Football players! Listed in no particular order.

Just a small heads up, my commentaries are ridiculously awful, but I am not about to change them!

Great smile, great suit

Defiantly a looker

If you are surprised by this one, then you are not seeing past the no hair thing.
This kid is super cute, hair or no hair

Is it just me or does he look kind of like a football version of Jake Gyllenhaal?

Look at this pretty face! Can you say super gorgeous?! 

Lets be honest he is defiantly the cool neighbor boy that every girl in high school had a crush on and you lived next door to

You know who Dallin Cutler looks like? Jef (with one "F") from the Bachelorette! 

Dear Preston, you are super good looking, thats all.

How happy does he look in this picture?! Supper happy, thats how happy!

Talk about class! Look at him, just classy.

Defiantly every girls type of guy!

Last but not least on the list is Russell Tialavea, seeing as how the list is in no particular order, actually forget that! This guy is just good looking!

And that is all I have to say about that.

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