Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Weekend Shopping Haul

So first off, Yes, these pictures are taken in a hallway in front of 3 doors (one going to my basement gym, one going to the bathroom, and one going to the storage room), and if you were wondering, they are hanging from the lights.... HA! 

The first thing I got was this Jacket from TJ Max. It was $19.99, and a total STEAL! It goes with everything, like literally
 E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G! The left sleeve is all the way un rolled and the right sleeve is rolled to just above the elbow. How cute is this?! 

Next is this shirr turquoise top from Vanity. I found it on the clearance rack and it was 30% off and my friend who works at vanity  gave me an additional discount so it came to $12!! Can you believe that?! It even came with the cute little leather belt.  

This tank is one of my favorites! I love the print down the front and I totally dig the rope on the top. It fits really well and the band on the bottom really is really slimming in contrast to the more baggy mid section of the shirt. I really love the color because coral is totally in this season and it makes my skin look great!

I found this scoop neck coral top with the awesome anchor on the front at Old Navy for $6! I don't usually buy scoop neck tops but I decided to try this on because it was so cheep and when I put it on everything about it looked great! Again the coral color is great and I don't usually wear clothing with pictures printed on the front but i really like anchors and how cute is that print anyways?!

Then I went into Clair's and found a pack of 3 earrings for only $1! I am really in love with dainty earrings and these are really cute.

These also came in the pack of 3 and they are my favorite ones mostly because I love bows. I also love the rustic antiqued look of these specific ones.

These are the last pair in the pack of 3. They are just small studs, cute simple and great for when I don't really want to wear any big earrings. 

This necklace is defiantly a winner! I am in love with the daintiness of everything. The chain and the glasses are so small and perfect for when I just want to wear a little necklace. 

This is the necklace that came with the one shown above, it is just okay, still cute but not as cute as the glasses. 

Lastly this purse which I found at TJ Max for $25 and I LOVE IT!!! It has real leather straps, detailing, and bottom. The main bag is made out of some kind of canvas material and I really like the print. It is a cross body bag and I think it is great because it goes with everything.

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