Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Package from Japan!!

So guess what came in the mail today?!
A box clear from Japan! :) 
I was really good friends with an exchange student in High School, and she sent me an entire box full of Japanese goodies!

When I first opened it up, and got past the layer of bubble wrap, this is what I saw!!

12 Pieces of Japanese chocolates! Black, Milk, and Meiji! I think the black is dark, the milk is milk and I have no idea what the meiji is!

A Jumbo Pack of strawberry Pocky! This is something that I have already tried, and you can get them in the U.S as well :) The special thing about these is that they are heart shaped! 

These are chocolate creme filled cookies, something that I have had before as well. They are so good and how cute are those koalas1?!? 

Now I have no Idea what the heck these are. Prawn fries maybe? I Haven't tried them yet, mostly because I am a chicken! Hopefully they are good!

I have had these little candies before as well, and they are so good and surprisingly juicy! There are 4 flavors and red is by far ,my favorite!

I was so surprised to come home and find that a box, all the way from Japan had found it's way to my house! I can't wait to send a box to my Friend, it will most likely be full of skittles because she loves them! 

I will be sure to post about what I send to Japan in the very near future! 

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