Wednesday, July 11, 2012

DIY BatMan Shirt With Cape

So the last installment of the Dark Knight movies is coming out! I am so exited for it, so I decided to make this tutorial :)

Start with a black T shirt and cut 2 rectangles of black fabric to fit on the back of the shirt This will be your cape

cut the neck and shoulders to be exactly like the neck and shoulders of the shirt

Scallop the end of the black rectangles

Sew the two pieces together and top stitch around the whole cape

Sew the shoulders of the cape to the shoulders of the shirt, either by hand or use a machine

print or draw a bat emblem, cut it out of paper, then pin and cut it out of felt

place your felt bat emblem on the front of your shirt and machine stitch all the way around the felt


then head outside and fight some crime!

This is the video tutorial for the shirt

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